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Thread: Is there a 64-bit antivirus software out there?

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    Is there a 64-bit antivirus software out there?

    After buying the new Dell laptop which has Windows XP 64bit, I realize that it does not has the antivirus in it. I forgot to order that also. I contacted my friend who works for a IT firm said me to get a 64bit version of any better antivirus. I do not want to go for 32bit version, because that can be incompatible. I need information some of the best 64bit antivirus available that will not hamper the system performance.

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    There are many. I think every popular antivirus has 64bit edition also. I will recommend you two antivirus here. The first is Avast and the second is Nod32. Both are nice and works quiet properly. I found a little performance issue which can be ignored. While compared to that Norton is more resource intensive but quiet powerful. You can search in the list of popular antivirus software and buy which one you like. I am using AVAST here. The antivirus is nice with simple interface and good for virus protection.

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    I have Norton installed in my system. It is some 2008 edition and it is a 32bit antivirus. On my laptop I am having McAfee. This two antivirus are quiet powerful, but the issue that lies among this thing is that they are heavy to startup. After a fresh installation when Norton was not there, the system loads up very fast. But when I had done with Norton installation the system just responded so low. The same happen with McAfee. The antivirus which is quiet comfortable and better for all kind of system is Avast. It is much better and lighter.

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    It is almost a year now. I am using Norton 360 still. I am using Vista 64 bit and it works nice. There is no issue with the performance. If you need a powerful security support then this one is the best I think. Once it is installed and updated then you do not require to worry for infection. There are tons of new features that are yet not found in any other.

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    Re: Is there a 64-bit antivirus software out there?

    McAfee is awesome. I do not agree that it is a kind of resource intensive software. We have a big network here. And we are using a server edition of this antivirus. It works fine and provides good scanning. For home usage also I think McAfee is far more better. If you need a free edition of antivirus then you can also try one more thing. It is called as ClamWin. Whioe compared to this Norton is far more better, but it is resource intensive. If you are low on ram and then do not forget to add more before installing this antivirus.

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    I think AVAST is well and if you need free security then AVG is well. It is necessary that you keep your virus database updated or else this might not work properly. Which wever antivirus you buy, ensure that you are getting a license copy. And adding a anti-malware application along with the same will give you more benefit.

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