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Thread: Unknown Device in Device Manager - Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System

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    Unknown Device in Device Manager - Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System

    My motherboard is ASUS P5N-E SLI. The processor used in that is Intel Q6600. There is 4GB RAM installed in the same. I also have a GPU which is ASUS 7300GT. There are two card with 2 hard drive. I had installed Windows Server 2003 on the same. I had installed three OS on it. On the second drive there are two partition in which there is Vista on the one side and Windows XP on other. Both are 64bit OS. For Vista all hardware is installed and it is working fine while there is some issue with Windows XP. The problem here lies with the second drive which has Windows XP x64. In Device Manager there are 4 devices which are listed has unknown. I tried to check the same by connections but nothing worked out. I had downloaded all the drivers from official Asus website and thought this would be working fine. But nothing happened.

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    It is simple. Some hardware in your system is not compatible with 64bit version of Windows XP. You can find that in following way. First boot in Vista and open device manager. Make a list of all installed devices in that. Then again boot in Windows XP and go in Device Manager. Compare the list and locate which hardware is not listed. You can then verify the same. Until you do not found a proper driver for that hardware it is not going to work.

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    I got the exact same setup and exact same problem.

    Got X64 w 4 gb Ram Q6600 .. same **** shows up.
    Also my sound card does not work SoundMAX sound card doesnt work , so i got a Creative Professoinal EMu 1212 sound card, and it does also not show up under device manager. Now I am left with 2 unknown devices, one named X221WL980B0293910 and other just saying unknown device.

    Please let me know if you got a fix.

    I got a ASUS GFX card too.

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