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Thread: Driver mismanaging system pte

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    Driver mismanaging system pte

    After installing X64 XP PRO service pack 2 in my system when i rebooted it, it came up with a BSOD saying " Driver mismanaging system pte ". I don't know what was causing that but while trying out some workarounds to fix BSOD ,i booted in safe mode and downgraded my video card driver. Things are working fine and i am not having any issue now but i want to know what exactly " Driver mismanaging system pte " refers to and is this error actually related to video card driver or not???

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    I was facing same bsod but after booting in safe mode i did a clean installation of Nvidia Geforce drivers in my system. Since than things are back to normal and i am not having any issue, i am not sure but it appears as if service pack 2 creates some mess with video card driver.

    This is what Ive found for pte:
    PTE refers to Page Table Entry and it is an entry in paging file table used for mapping virtual memory to physical memory. This error message comes up when there is no more PTEs available on the system. PTEs doesn't run out in normal situation but they can if your system is indulged in performing large number of input/output operations. It can also occur if there is any faulty device driver as well. If error message provides a file name than one should uninstall programs associated with that file or disable it. One can also try upgrading or using an older version of driver like you did for fixing the issue.

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