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Thread: Windows XP64 Hangs at acpitabl.dat While Booting...

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    Windows XP64 Hangs at acpitabl.dat While Booting...

    My system freezes on acptiabl.dat while entering in safe mode. It is a Windows XP x64 system purchased 2 years ago. The system works fine. But recently due to some short power outage problem, new issue arises in the system. The system starts up very slowly. The gpu looks to be heating up. It takes a couple of restart to get the desktop. Last night I had turned of the system. Now in the morning when I turned it own, it went into safe mode. There were some scandisk message on the screen. Later on the system freezed on acpitabl.dat and could not enter into safe mode. I have a recovery partition, but I cannot run the same. As it is a bit risky. I would loss all my data if I run the setup. Any help on the same is appreciated.

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    There is some stuff that you can try. First disconnect any additional hardware which is connected to your system. It is a bit necessary. Second thing before checking on the software level, it is recommended that you must check on the hardware level. Like removing the ram and putting in back, checking your psu status. It must not be affected due to power outage. On software level you can do the following. You need to enter Safe Mode with Command prompt. Or you can simply use the Recovery disk to run cmd. There typc chkdsk /rC: and hit enter. And if this does not work then use C:\> Chkdsk /f C: and hit enter. It will find the system errors and try to fix it. You can use a LiveDisc to get your data backup before running system recovery.

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    Re: Windows XP64 Hangs at acpitabl.dat While Booting...

    There can be some hard drive related problem also. Due to power outage the ram, power supply and the hardware are most affected. You must buy a ups that will safeguard the system from such stuff.

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