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Thread: What is the maximum RAM Limit for any Windows 64Bit system

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    What is the maximum RAM Limit for any Windows 64Bit system

    What is the amount of ram that I can add on a 64bit operating system. This looks a very common question, but I am trying to find out the speed limit that a 64bit operating system can offer. There are high end servers today which work on dual channel ram but that still does not looks to be enough. I had seen 64bit systems more reliable here, while 32bit can be considered good for home usage. Maximum users today own a 32bit system especially if they are on Windows. If you are regular person you will never find the difference between 32bit and 64bit performance except the ram size but if you want a high end server to host file sharing or to run a large user database you need better service with 64bit architecture. I had found in some articles that some 64bit operating system even supports more than 100GB of ram. Where can I find that kind of system. Surely this is not easy to put up those sticks on our existing hardware.

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    Re: What is the maximum RAM Limit for any Windows 64Bit system

    It is correct. 64bit operating system offer you a higher hardware limit. But they are not recommended for regular use. The most you can do is built a gaming system or work on animation/video processing type stuff. I found a small list of Windows 7 64bit edition ram support. The Windows 7 Starter Edition 64bit can allow you to use 8GB ram at a time. The same is applicable for Home Basic also. And if you go for Windows Home Premium then you can use 16GB of ram. Today adding up a 16Gb ram is quiet common on server machines. But Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate edition allows you to add 192GB of ram. That's look like a dream. I am too wondering if any one has those amount of ram sticks the motherboard which he choose should have 100slots or more. That is not yet possible in many systems. The most you can go for 16GB for a regular users and that will be under your budget.

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    Re: What is the maximum RAM Limit for any Windows 64Bit system

    Work on Apple systems you can find the performance. They can provide you a maximum on 16Gb ram support which improves the performance of system to an great extent. To have that amount of physical memory is good for a system to process a number runtime application. What matters the most is continuous operation which should work without fail. At the time of server fail you cannot blame the operating system only. Yet 32GB is not released for many system. Dell took initiative to offer a Alienware system with 32GB ram support. But on the same hand does having a ram of that much amount is more than enough. What about the graphic memory. I do not really believing having a single super hardware. The power should be divided evenly among all.

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