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Thread: Nvidia kernel mode driver not responding error

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    Nvidia kernel mode driver not responding error

    I am getting a constant error - Nvidia Kernel mode driver not responding. It only occurs when I run a 3D file. The gpu in my system is Nvidia GT220. I had just recently updated the new drivers and there were no error at the time of setup. The event name in log is livekernelevent. I cannot understand this. My friend has recommended to run fresh drivers updates as it will enhance the system performance. But after doing the same this error keeps on appearing. I need some help on the same. How to fix it. Thanks.

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    re: Nvidia kernel mode driver not responding error

    It is recommended that when you are installing new drivers you must wipe out old one. Many users simply install the latest drivers over older which cause this kind of error. You can find old drivers in Control Panel > Add/Remove Program. Just remove that once and then re-install the new driver back again. This might fix the issue. It looks the driver is not working well.

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    Re--installing the drivers is only solution which is left. Also you can try one more thing. When you install fresh drivers Windows keep a backup of older one. You can find that in Device Manager. Right click on the GPU and then click on Properties. There you can go to driver section and click on Roll back drivers. Just follow the onscreen steps. That's all. In this way you can get the older edition back. Then try to re-run those 3d files back again and it will help you. If this does not works then there is one more thing you can do. You can uninstall the card completely and then re-install the same back again.

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    Do not uninstall the card. Just rollbacks settings to older one. That is going to help you much. Because if you remove that then you will loose the older drivers also and you cannot do anything in that. It is better you roll back the old drivers settings and then if that does not work then go with the uninstallation of gpu. Ample of time new driver updates gives you this kind of problem.

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