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Thread: How to delete hiberfil.sys

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    How to delete hiberfil.sys

    Hey guys, having a very short query and need your urgent attention. I’m using Windows Vista, no problem in its performance but don’t know why the file size of “c:\hiberfil.sys” is getting larger day by day. Hence consuming lots of my space.

    Can you guys please tell me how can I delete this file ?

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    Re: How to delete hiberfil.sys

    If we go to delete it directly, obviously it won’t get deleted because the file is used by hibernation of your system. Hence, If you need to delete it, you will first need to disable the Hibernation in the Control Panel/Power Options. Once done, restart the computer and now try deleting the same.

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    Re: How to delete hiberfil.sys

    Yeah, that’s correct. hiberfil.sys is used for hibernation. Start with going to Start, click Accessories, System Tool and run Disk Cleanup. Here choose the option to start cleanup for all users. Once the scanning is complete, simply select the Clean Hibernation file option.

    For more info on this, you can also checkout the following windows article:

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