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Thread: Slow Vista startup

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    Slow Vista startup

    I have installed Windows Vista on Hp dv6661 laptop. I noticed the startup time was very slow hence tried stopping some services to make it fast by lowering the memory usage. I scanned the entire services and disabled upto 15 startup services that I thought are not necessary. This helped me to minimize the memory usage upto 41% (earlier it was 52%). After doing this my PC was working fine for next 1 hour until I restarted the computer.

    On the restart I saw only a Black Screen instead of the desktop after loggin in. Computer was freezed completely but the mouse was moving. Blackscreen remained there for about 2 minutes and thereafter the windows started loading that took about 10 minutes. This happened every time, tested thrice restarting the computer.

    Later I created a boot log that showed me that there are about 20 drivers trying to load on the startup but due to some problem they cant. Any idea how can I fix this problem ?

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    Re: Slow Vista startup

    First of all I dint understood what is the logic behind freeing up the memory. Microsoft has designed window to use as much memory as it can, and that is actually good for the system. By freeing up and keeping them safe you are just wasting them up, isn’t it? Also before stopping any program or services you should find out first what Is the use of that program. If you think you can improve your performance by killing them, that is wrong buddy because if would be so Microsoft itself haven’t created them.

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    Re: Slow Vista startup

    I don’t know what could be the problem but if you just want to improve the performance and get rid of freezing problems, you can use tuneup360 utility. This is the best and easiest way to speed up your PC. I have pretty good experience of the same.

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