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Thread: Cannot get full screen in You Tube with Flash Player

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    Cannot get full screen in You Tube with Flash Player

    I am using Vista 32bit on Toshiba Satellite laptop. It’s a new laptop, just a week old. As my title says, when I go to youtube and click to play any video, it runs fine but when I click to make it fullscreen, it just come up with blank screen with a diagonal line right across. I have tried this on both Internet Explorer as well as Firefox.

    Any idea whats wrong with my browsers or any other softwar?

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    Re: Cannot get full screen in You Tube with Flash Player

    Probably there would be some problem with your Flash player itself because I am too running Vista 32bit and there is no problem playing Youtube videos in full screen on Firefox as well as IE.

    What is your Flash Player version ? I am running the latest one that is v 9,0,115,0. See if you have the same version installed. if not, update it.

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    As I said the laptop is just a week old, also I installed firefox and Flashplayer just 2 days ago, so obviously it is the latest version, right ? I don’t think adobe had updated the flash version yesterday and the older version will stop working right on the next day.

    Any other solution please ?

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    I experienced very similar issues on Youtube earlier, but managed to fix it quickly with the following steps. So I think you should too try out the same, may work. Here it is:
    1. Right-click in the standard youtube video window (non-full screen).
    2. Choose 'Settings...' from the Flash Player's pop-up menu.
    3. Uncheck the 'Enable Hardware Acceleration'
    4. Click 'Close'.

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    Thanks a lot for the help buddy. i followed the same and also downloaded the very latest version of Flash player (although it is the same installed in my system) and overwrited. That really helped me.

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