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Thread: Internet Explorer cannot display webpage

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    Internet Explorer cannot display webpage

    I guess the Automatic Windows update ruined the system. This is HP laptop running with Vista home Premium . I use Internet explorer 7 as my default browser. There was a Windows update installation last night on my laptop after which I turned off the system and went to sleep. Today morning when I turned on the same, and started browsing, it gives me an error saying "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage".

    I ran the Diagnostic but there seems to be everything fine. It says there is no problem with my internet connection. Then where is the problem ? Somebody please help.

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    Re: Internet Explorer cannot display webpage

    Hello No. 4. I think you got to the right place. Even I faced this problem and was able to fix it successfully. You are right, it was the update the created the problem and most probably it is KB937143. You just need to remove the same and the problem will disappear.

    Go to Control panel, click programs and features. Select “View Installed Updates” and remove KB937143.

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    Re: Internet Explorer cannot display webpage

    Thanks a lot for the valuable help IRVING. As per your instructions I removed KB937143 and that really worked. Internext explorer started working fine. But next time when I restarted the computer, it got installed again. I uninstalled it once again but it keeps on coming up every time on next reboot.

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    Re: Internet Explorer cannot display webpage

    internet explorer cannot display the webpage..... has anyone edit the HKey register to fix this problem...

    one time I found a posting that sent me to regedit.exe and had me remove a file to fix this problem..... I can not find the site now. Can anyone help

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