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Thread: disk managment error - Unable to Connect to Virtual Disk Service

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    disk managment error - Unable to Connect to Virtual Disk Service

    I was using a Sata Data Drive with my Vista Home Premium system. Two days ago the sata stopped working and after working it out I found that is damaged. Hence removed the same and ordered a replacement. But the problem I’m facing now is that when I start the computer I need to press F1 to make system skip the disk during boot up. Well I t works and I can see all other Hard Disk in the Windows Explorer (My Computer) but when I go to check the same through Disk Management program, I get the following error:

    “Unable to Connect to Virtual Disk Service.”

    I don’t know what could be the actual cause of this error but I suspect few things that includes either any required services disabled or the system itself got corrupted or even I missed something under Disk Management. Anyone having some idea about this error ? Please suggest me something.

    Thank you.

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    RE: disk managment error - Unable to Connect to Virtual Disk Service

    Even I doubt the error is because of the stopped service. I think you should first check the same instead of trying out some another troubleshooting. Just go to Start > RUN > Type ‘Service.msc’ and press Enter. Now scroll down to the page and locate a service named “Virtual Disk”. See if it is stopped. If yes, double click the same and set it to Automatic or Manual. Better keep it to manual because it will be started only when you need it otherwise it will keep running always in background if set to Automatic. Now see if you get the error.

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    Re: disk managment error - Unable to Connect to Virtual Disk Service

    The common cause of this issue is bad sectors. You have to use some other advance software that can help you to fix the problem. There are many third party disk management tools available. You can try the same to improve your system performance. One of the best tool which you can use for similar purpose is Disk Director 11 Advanced. This tool has many advance features and it offers you many steps to find out the right issue with your hard drive. Just download and test out a trial edition of the software. This might help you in fixing the problem.

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    Re: disk managment error - Unable to Connect to Virtual Disk Service

    There can be a set of few issues with Disk Management. It is not really necessary that you have bad sectors in your system. So I am giving you a set of links through which you can find what can be the cause of problem. The below link has various helpful articles linked to resolve disk management problems. You can try clicking on each of them to get the kind of output you are looking for. If there is nothing helpful then you can try using HDDTEST. This tool will give you current health status of your hard drive. If there are any warnings in it start taking backup.

    Troubleshooting Disk Management

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