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Thread: explorer.exe crashes constantly

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    explorer.exe crashes constantly

    I am suing a desktop with P4 processor and ATI Raedon 1650, running windows vista Ultimate since its public release. There is no problem with the system except the one and it is from start, since first day I installed the OS. Every time I am working suddenly my desktop and taskbar gets frizzed with a pop up saying explorer.exe stopped working. It doesn’t happens always but happens frequently. Can someone finally provide me any working solution? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: explorer.exe crashes constantly

    Can you please check your logs and let me know what exactly is mentioned over there? Because I doubt if the problem is actually the explorer. Most probably it should be “Volume shadow copy service failure” and this occurs while moving/copying files in large number. Just confirm this first and let me know.

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    Re: explorer.exe crashes constantly

    There could be various reasons/cause that creates explorer.exe crash. And hence the solutions depends on those reasons as well. So here are few things that you need to go through and see if it works:
    • malware; good like formally scanning Vista64 from WinPE..
    • shell integrations; use Nirsoft Shell Extension Viewer
    • BHOs; use IE's controls to disable these
    • bad disks; ensure all removable disks and storage is ejected
    • bad content; disable "gropers" such as thumbnails
    • bad or hostile Desktop.ini or Autorun.inf
    • bad .CPL files
    • check ChkDsk/AutoChk logs; files "fixed"?
    • check antivirus logs; any code files "cleaned"?
    • bad user profile; try a different user account
    • Also, try these:
    • use the simplist views, i.e. List
    • look for namespace objects on desktop, kill
    • compare with Safe Mode mileage
    • consider using a 3rd-party shell
    • consider clearing indexes, web cache, Temp, etc.

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    Re: explorer.exe crashes constantly

    Hello guys, I just saw this thread and signed up to help you guys out as I have too struggled a lot with the same explorer Crash issues for more than year. Finally managed to fix it anyhow. In my case it was a program sigmatel (soundmax) causing the problem and probably could be yours too. So here is what you need to do:

    Open control panel, go to add and remove programs and uninstall soundmax
    Now restart the computer and let windows find and install the sound driver itself.

    That’s it. Now there is no more soundmax driver on your PC that was creating the problem. Now you have Microsoft’s own sound drivers for the system. Hopefully there will be no more crashes.

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