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Thread: Creating a Vista Bootup disk.

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    Creating a Vista Bootup disk.

    i have a small question, hope you guys will suggest me any working solution. I wanted to upgrade BIOS of my Dell system running with Vista and when I asked few guys they told me that I need a bootable Vista CD. So cany anyone of you tell me how can I create a bootable Vista CD ? Thank You.

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    Hello Adalia, I don’t know who has told you to get the Vista Bootable CD for updating BIOS. BTW, as Vista installation CD has a startup repair option that usually fixes most of the startup and other problems in the system. For this, we required boot CDs but in the past before Vista was released. Apart from this, this Vista installation CD also contains all those files that is required to start the windows, it itself is a bootable disk.

    you can get more info about this on this Microsoft Article:
    What is a boot disk (startup disk) and why would I need one?

    BTW, what is the exact problem you facing with your system that you need to update the BIOS ?

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