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Thread: Can't open or save files

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    Can't open or save files

    I am using Windows Vista based HP laptop since past 6 to 7 months, never had any problem. Everything was working fine until today morning. Since morning am just not able to open or save any program. For example, if open word/paint/photoshop, made some file and when I try to save them, system allows me to browse the location for save but when I click save, the particular program gets locked. Am talking about all programs. Only the windows explorer is working fine.

    This is happening since morning, I have done more than 100 attempts but only ONCE I got an error during this saying “Windows shell common DLL is not responding”. I guess this is related to the issue itself.

    Can anyone help me out please ?

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    RE: Can't open or save files

    It seems like the problem is related with HP product itself. I am also using a HP laptop and had the same problem about a month ago. After doing lots of research I came to know that it is somewhere related to HP publish-to-web. In my case I was having this on my system, hence I removed the same and I found that the problem solved about 80%.

    Yes, I mentioned 80% because you get some relief from the problem by doing this but its not the permanent solution of the same. We need to find out more about the cause that is still creating the problem.

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    Well guys, did you tried restoring the system to a working restore point ? if not do it now. It should resolve the problem.

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    I'm having the exact same issue!

    Wow, I thought its just me alone facing this problem here looks like there are various other people. Hope I get some help from you all guys. In my case the problem is not with all programs but few such as FireFox, Visual Studio, Microsoft Works Spreadsheet, and a few others. Uninstalling or reinstalling them doesn’t fix the issue. Somebody please Advice what can be done to get rid of this annoying error.

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    Re: Can't open or save files

    Seems like I have found a solution for the same. I just tried out the icon theory and that fixed my problem. I just downloaded Stardock Icon packager, put a new set of icons and switched them back to vista default icons and viola, problem solved. Later though I removed the Stardock, the problem dint appeared again.

    You guys too can give it a try.

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    Re: Can't open or save files

    Open a new computer account and it will be fixed it worked with me

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    Re: Can't open or save files

    when i installed phtoshop cs5 it gave me like two different settings in my programs area. one was regular photoshop cs5 the other was cs5 (64 bit) i was haveing the same problem so i closed down the regular one and tried the 64 bit one and i can open and save my work. so i suggest changing the settings in propeties to a different "bit". maybe that will help.

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