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Thread: Cannot view System Information WMI error on Vista

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    Cannot view System Information WMI error on Vista

    I have a Vista system. Whenever I try to view System Information I am getting a WMI error on that. It is quiet complicated for me to fix the problem. I cannot see any information related to my computer. I need some help to deal with the same. Does UAC is responsible for the issue. It is enabled by default.

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    Just go for system restore. It can be due to some internal file error. Some system files which manages system information is modified or corrupted due to which you are getting the error. Try running Windows Update also. It might offer you some kind of hotfix that will be quiet helpful in many ways.

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    This solves a problem with windows update KB948109, where every time it checks for updates it want to do this one again, even though update history says it was successfull every time.

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    Didn't work for me!

    I've come to the party a bit late but have all the symptoms described by others. Running Vista Home Premium. Tried your fix but cannot run RUN as administrator, the option doesn't appear when right clicking, just 'Run'.
    Running the WMI management console I eventually get told that 'WMI errors not available. Update WMI to newer build' Needless to say there is no guidance on how to do this.
    I looked for a 'restore' file but I have no .rec files on the computer that I can find.
    Would using the Command prompt from the installation disc work.
    Any help for an elderly novice would be gratefully received.

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    re: Cannot view System Information WMI error on Vista

    You are the man. Had seen this solution in a thread and could not find. This seems to be the solution to a lot of vista service problems! Thanks for the info!

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    re: Cannot view System Information WMI error on Vista

    I was a whole week struggling with a messy wmi (same error message, but with w2k3 server, plus not showing the properies of the system) and your hint has repaired it!! Thanks!!!

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