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Thread: 60GB occupied by large system volume information folder

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    60GB occupied by large system volume information folder

    I have only two partition in my system. The first is C which is default Windows directory and the second one is D drive which I use for backup. I am creating a image file of C drive so that I can restore that in case of need. I found that the system volume information folder in D drive is about 60GB is size. That is too high. What I know about this folder that it keeps system restore points in it. Nothing more than that. I checked the partition properties and found that System Restore is not enabled for it. What should I do. Does deleting that is fine.

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    Are you running Windows Backup. If yes then the file is generated through it. Many time we forget to put overwrite settings. This replace the old backup and simply put a new one. So Windows Backup each time creates a new file and that consumes your drive space.

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    Yes change the backup settings. You can delete that. It is not risky. Before that just run Disk Cleanup. You can choose old backup from that and run the cleanup. It will wipe out the old files and that's all.

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