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Thread: drivers for PnP device

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    drivers for PnP device


    I need bit of help to understand what is happening with my machine, I haven't installed any device on my system, but my device manager shows 3 unknown device all with labels as follows.
    ACPI\ATK0110 ATK0110

    Currently I have installed only Plug and play device on my system even that is my mouse and a virtual drive. I am not able to figure out which are this other device. Even I other stuff like sound card, eth0 card etc, all are working fine, I simply cannot figure which is this other PnP device that are missing on my system ? Can you please tell me How I can find which are these device are exactly

    Thanks :)

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    re: drivers for PnP device


    Can you monitor the stuff which I suggest you do to give us better information what is happening with your system.

    Open Control Panel > (set to "Classic View") > open "Problem Reports and Solutions" > under Task > click View Problem history > any issues relating to PnP > right click > View Problem Details.
    I think this can better describe the problem and we can suggest better solution to resolve this problem.

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    re: drivers for PnP device


    I think this ACPI drivers of your motherboard. I was facing the same issues with my machine as well. I found the disk and windows search for the drivers, it finds the ASUS ACPI drivers but the installation fails.

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    re: drivers for PnP device

    Please provide more information of your system like Laptop, Desktop, Model etc. So we can provide a valuable suggestion to you .

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