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Thread: Vista Start up - Black screen with cursor

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    Vista Start up - Black screen with cursor


    I recently started installing an Anti Virus Protection, I put the disc in, loaded the disc, selected the options (Language ect.) then eventually it started installed. While it was installing I have accidently hit the Reset button on my computer, followed by hitting the Disc trap button, so while it was installing and my disc trap opened and my computer reset.
    I took the disc out, and started the computer up. I selected "Start windows normally" and after a minute I got the Blue screen which says about "Windows shut down to prevent damage to your computer". I reset many times trying the other options like "Safe mode", but no use.

    So I put the Windows disc in, click repair my computer and then clicked Repair start up files, after a bit it finished and I restarted again. It didn't get the blue screen, but instead it just isn't starting up I get a black screen which has my cursor on it, I am able to move it around and nothing else.
    I have tried
    -Many resets
    -Safe mode and any other possible option
    -CTRL+ALT+DEL to try and bring up task manager, no luck
    -Pressing SHIFT 5 times to get that Beep and the message, but still no message appear.

    It is starting up perfectly until it reaches the black screen.

    So basically nothing is working, I am out of ideas.
    Please help.

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    Re: Vista Start up - Black screen with cursor

    "Black screen with blinking cursor" is very well known problem on any window operating system. There is nothing to worry. There are many ways to solve this problem, one of them is resetting BIOS. You should checkout the following URL having threads with the same problem: Black Screen with Cursor.

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