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Thread: High Laptop CPU Usage

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    High Laptop CPU Usage

    Hi friends, this is my first ever post here in techarena and I hope will be helped for sure. First of all let me tell you that am not any expert in computers, you can call me layman. Anyway, am facing some weird problem with my HP laptop from past couple of days now, my CPU usage remains very high always. Infact 80% of the it use to be on almost 100%.

    In order to fix the same I have tried restoring system back to factory setting more than 10 times, but that dint helped me permanently. After restoring my CPU usage remains normal for about 2 days but again get to the same point. For example, as of now while posting this query, my CPU usage is between 56-70% though I just have have two tabs opened currently, and that is youtube and this tab. Now, as soon as I close down the youtube tab, bingo, the cpu usage goes down to between 5-15%.

    But if open any program or website that uses java, flash, or any other such things, my cpu will directly reach to 100%. I don’t have any idea how can make it normal. I have other PC as well running with more than 20 tabs in 3 browsers along with some high end applications but still the CPU usage is less than 30% there. Then why the CPU usage is so high on my laptop and how can I fix it ? someone please help me.

    For instance if you need my system configuration, here it is:
    • OS: Vista Home Premium, SP2
    • Manu: HP
    • Processor: AMDTurion 64x Mobile Technology TL-60
    • Memory: 2GB
    • Sys Type: 32-bit OS
    • Disk Capacity: 140 GB
    • Disk Used: 58.3 GB
    • Disk Free: 83.3 GB

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    Re: High Laptop CPU Usage

    As soon as you notice that your PC is slowing down, simply press Ctrl+At+Del all at once and you have to sort the processes through CPU. Just analyze which process is creating teh problem. If you find it, just right click and select End Process. Make in no doubt you take note of the program -> if the CPU goes back to standard. Google that program and discover out what it is. I hope this will help you. If you want some additional information then search it on Goggle. Thank you.

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