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Thread: Failure - Security Options with SP2

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    Failure - Security Options with SP2

    As my title suggests, that is the error am getting on my Windows Vista installed on Gateway 6850FX notebook. This laptop is about 8 months old and was running good with Windows Vista. The problem actually started when I installed Service Pack 2 on my laptop and tried defragging C drive. While doing so system got too slow and came up with the following error:

    "Failure - Security Options. Logon process has failed to create the security options dialog."

    I tried searching Microsoft KBs but dint found anything related to this. Any help from you guys please?
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    Re: Failure - Security Options with SP2

    Hello your query is looking so weird but I search about this on internet and I found some useful information for your query. According to me you have to Start within Safe Mode, and after that perform a system restore with the date earlier than it crashed as restore point. Subsequently confirm the Security Centre to observe what the difficulty is. It possibly will have something to perform with your Kaspersky. I hope this will help you thank you.

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