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Thread: Persistence Module Stopped Working in Windows Vista

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    Persistence Module Stopped Working in Windows Vista

    I am using Windows Vista Home Premium on Acer laptop. The system is working fine, until I faced a error related to some persistence module. I had not seen any related application or software anywhere in my computer. I had just removed some unwanted updates from my system. Now after rechecking for updates I found new and tried to install them and landed on this error. I tried to perform system restore also, but that did not helped much.

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    Re: Persistence Module Stopped Working in Windows Vista

    Go on Control Panel > Event Viewer. Check for log details in the same. There you can find exact information on what you are facing. There are certain fix provided on Microsoft website. But that is related to the applications only. Like the error has appeared due to Windows Media Player update crash or due to SFC tool. You have to find in Event Viewer which applications was actually behind the error.

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    Re: Persistence Module Stopped Working in Windows Vista

    When you are getting that error. There can be some software when you are trying to access giving the error. I got this on Windows Media Player. Everything was working fine, when suddenly I got this error. I had re-installed the same and the issue is resolved. You can get a bit detail about that in Event Viewer, but you have to mention here which software is causing the issue. Just remove it and re-install it back again. If you are not really sure about that then just run System Restore. This will restore your old settings back fixing all the error automatically.

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    Re: Persistence Module Stopped Working in Windows Vista

    Press Windows Key + R from your keyboard. In the run box type cmd and hit enter. In the command prompt type sfc /scannow and hit enter. The application will scan the system for damage system file and fix it. I do this always whenever I get a error. System restore is a temporary solution. You might get the error back again. So it is important to find what thing in causing the problem. You can get the error on start-up when some application like a download manager, or antivirus is started automatically. Just try sfc first and reply back if it is not resolved.

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