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Thread: Error while saving images in Photo Gallery

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    Error while saving images in Photo Gallery

    Since I purchased my computer with Photo Gallery installed more than a year ago, I've always used Photo Gallery to edit all of my picures downloaded from my Sony digital camera. Everything worked fine until last week when I attempted to fix red eye on newly downloaded pictures. That's when I received the message "An error is preventing Photo Gallery from saving this picture" as I tried to move to the next picture. I discovered that this not only affects any newly downloaded pictures, it also appears if I try to edit an already existing picture. I have seen other similar posts and have not found any real answers. Is there something I can do to correct this?

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    It looks there is some issue with the software itself. I got this error some time ago when I was logged in a guest account. It did not allowed to create a file in C drive. But on the desktop I was able to do that. Just check that you are in admin account. If there is any error message then that would be more helpful in many ways. I was getting a similar issue on my laptop when I was trying to use Kodak EasyShare. It solved automatically. I did nothing. I just left the system unsable for some days. When I came back it started working. Try to find some way by which you can re-install photo gallery and please post those steps here. That would beneficial.

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    That is a permission issue. The files that you are trying to modify are nothing having full rights. This happens when the file are copied in other account and you are trying to modify the same in a limited one. To check the permission stuff, just right click on the file and then click on Properties. Go to Security and click on Edit. There put full access by allowing everyone to use the file.

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    I am having Windows Vista. I got a small fix for that. Just open the file in Paint and then click on File > Save. Do not make any changes. Now go back to Photo Gallery and do what you want. It will be resolved. It looks like the files are locked and due to which it is not saving. And also there can be issue with the software itself.

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    What is the file format you are trying to modify. Is it the most common one or some thing different. Many camcorder generates RAW image format due to which you get those kind of problems and you need some different tools for editing them. You can start by downloading a image converter. You can convert all the existing image to jpg, or gif or whatever you like and then try editing them.

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    re: Error while saving images in Photo Gallery

    Saving the picture in microsoft picture manager worked like a charm. Obviously microsoft has another problem to solve in WPG. I'm happy to have a way around it for now. Thanks!

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