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Thread: Sharing PPPoE internet conection via wireless lan

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    Re: Sharing PPPoE internet conection via wireless lan

    I need some help here to sharing a PPPoE internet through wifi. I am not able to find some specific options that can help me to do that. I am unable to locate proper guide also for that. I found some software, but still they do not work. I think there are some settings which is required. I am having a direct cable connection at my home. There are 4 devices that has wifi and so I bought a wifi router also. I want to add all the devices on that. After connecting the internet cable to the wifi there is no connectivity. I checked in router settings, but found nothing in it. Any idea how to make this thing work. Thanks.

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    It is not complicated at all. Every wifi router has a express settings in it. That means it detects your configuration automatically. Or else you can use the setup wizard. It comes in number of netgear router cd. I am having one. When I insert the cd it shows me the entire process or configuring internet connection. At later stage it ask for the login and password and saves the settings. The net is activated on its own. I do not need to go inside the router page and make changes. It is much easier way to deal with instant internet setup.

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