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Thread: Map network drive keep disconnecting

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    Map network drive keep disconnecting

    Need some urgent help regarding Mapping network drives. I have three desktops at my office running with Windows Vista. I’ve made my 1st Vista as a Server. When I try accessing the server from 2nd Vista, it works fine, no error and no problem. But when I try accessing the server from 3rd Vista, it shows disconnected. Map network drive is shown as disconnected.

    I’ve checked all settings and are same on both PCs but still don’t know for what reacon 3rd vista is giving problems. Can anyone please help me with this?

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    Re: Map network drive keep disconnecting

    Is it really disconnected or just showing up as disconnected? Yes, many times though it remains connected it shows you disconnected. If it is so, I think the hot fix and steps provided in the below articles may help you:

    Red 'X' appears on Home folder mapped drive in Windows Explorer
    A red "X" appears in the icon for a mapped network drive in Windows Vista, even though you can successfully access the drive

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    Re: Map network drive keep disconnecting

    Hey thanks for sharing this useful info. Even I am having exactly the same problem. I tried all solutions and hotfixes provided in above KB Articles but none of them worked at all.

    Any other help please?

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