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Thread: i can't connect to my secure router wirelessly

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    i can't connect to my secure router wirelessly

    I recently bought a new HP laptop which came pre-installed with Windows Vista Home 32bit. At home, I have setup Wireless network with Linksys router which is already used by 2 Win XP based laptops without any issue. Now the problem am here is my brand new vista laptop cannot connect to this home network. It can see my router in available networks but when I try connecting, it says “Failed due to unknown reason.”

    It is sure that there is no problem with my Wireless network because already two PCs running with the same. So is there any problem with Vista? How can we fix it?

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    Re: i can't connect to my secure router wirelessly

    Nope, I don’t Vista has any problem because me too have Two Vista running systems and they can connect with old Linksys router without any errors. When you try connecting it for the first time, just ensure that you have SID broadcasting enabled. If still you face any problem then probably its router itself which has incompatible firmware for Vista. Hence try updating the router firmware to very latest version and see if it works.

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    Re: i can't connect to my secure router wirelessly

    You need to install the latest firmware first on your router and unbind IPv6 from the wireless NIC. If still you face any problem better try getting a new IPv6 enabled router.

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