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Thread: connected with limited access

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    connected with limited access

    I have a XP desktop connected with my netgear wireless router via Ethernet cable as well as a Vista running laptop with Wireless access. Both systems were working fine until yesterday night when I shut down the computer. There was no internet problems. Today morning when I started my laptop, I saw a message saying “connected with limited access.” I don’t know how it came. However I don’t have any problem on my XP desktop.

    I thought restart the router to fix the problem, but seems like it made scene worse. Now Vista is not at all able to connect with the network. I checked both both ipv4 and ipv6 protocols are ticked in the config for wireless networking, drivers are all upto date. Even Wireless adapter in device manager says its working fine. Than what went wrong suddenly?

    Any suggestions please?

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    Re: connected with limited access

    Many users came through this issue where internet suddenly stops working and the cause found of the same is any recently installed Windows Update. Please check windows update log and see what got installed yesterday? If there is any thing, just remove the same and see if internet works again. If not, then try restoring your system to 3 to 4 days back.

    I also read somewhere that after installing the Windows Vista update, the Vista computer can't access the network. Resolution is upgrade the NIC driver.

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    Re: connected with limited access

    Thank you very much for the reply Patton. Yes there was a new update installed, as you said I removed the same, but still the same problem exists. I tried restoring my system but there is no recently created restore pint. I have one created 4 months ago and I dont think I should restore the system at so old restore point.

    Any other help please?

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    Re: connected with limited access

    This used to happen to me a lot and I tried mucking about with both the router and my laptop wireless settings.

    I was about to buy a new router when I hit this forum. I tried a few of the suggestions mentioned. None worked, however, due to all the bother of having to get to know how to change and view all the different settings for your wireless connection I found the problem.

    The TCP /IPv4 settings had set themselves to use a set IP and DNS address when they should be set to automatically aquire one.

    I don't know what changed these settings, but having set it back to automatic IP and DNS, the problem has gone.

    If this is the case for others, I hope this post helps.

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