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Thread: Joining windows 2003 server's domain using vista home premium

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    Joining windows 2003 server's domain using vista home premium

    I am using a Windows Server 2003. There are 4 Windows XP system which are connected to the server and they are working fine. Now I am trying to hook a Vista laptop on the server through wifi. I had seen a number of threads who had claimed that Vista is quiet buggy with server connection. I hope there will be easy way for the same. There are some shared resources on the network that I want to access and it is only possible through connecting the vista system to the server. I am not able to find a working way for the same.

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    Where you are getting error. Are you not able to join the network or you are asking for steps to connect the vista laptop on the domain. I am confused about what you are asking for. There is problem with Vista. You have to manage proper settings and it will work. You can connect the Vista system to the network by going in Network and Sharing center. In that you can choose connect to network and manage the connectivity as per your need. There are ample of guides on the web that as enough solution for it.

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