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Thread: Win98+Vista--Possible or Not?

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    I only have one question for anyone who has managed to get Vista and Windows 98 to share files with each other? I have got Windows 98 networked with 2 windows 98 machines and their associated printers. I dont have any issues getting Vista to see and access the shared folders on the Win98 machines. But Win98 will only see the existence of Users, Public and a third folder called Share and it can see the folders that are shared by Vista in Windows Explorer and in net use. But if I right or left click on either of the Vista folders then Win98 will freeze and I have to do a cold boot. If I try to open the share folder then win98 can see the files in the folder but upon attempting to open them, it will only give me error message that the file is not accessible. So can anyone tell me is it possible to view and open a shared resource on Vista from a Windows 98 machine?

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    Re: Win98+Vista--Possible or Not?

    There were many people who were able to network Vista with Windows 98. So taking accout on the exact configuration, there are many things that are required. You can do serveral things including network protocol, username and passwords as well as permissions, since Vista likes have user accounts and passwords. Also check in the Control Panel of Vista and under Network and Sharing Center, the Network Discovery and File Sharing are enabled. In the permissions of Shares, add the individual user accounts that you want to have access and then remove the "Everyone" share name.

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    I think you need to follow the below method that will solve the case:

    1. First of all go to Control Panel >> Network.
    2. After that you need to check if you have TCP/IP protocol or not. If you don't have, then Add >> Microsoft >> TCP/IP.
    3. Now, you have to click at "File and Print Sharing" >> check at "I want to be able to give others access to my files"
    4. After that you need to restart the computer once. You will be able to share and hopefully "network neighborhood" will appear as well.
    5. After getting shared folder, Vista will be able to access that without any problem.

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