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Thread: Internet fails to connect when I restart my Windows Vista Laptop

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    Internet fails to connect when I restart my Windows Vista Laptop

    I have a Vaio laptop that has Windows Vista installed in the same. It is a new system. I had configured the laptop to work with my home wifi connection. Later on there were some updates that were downloaded and prompted for system reboot. I did the same and then somehow the internet failed to work. I have to restart the same a number of time and then only the system works well. I am facing problem with the network connectivity. Does anyone has idea on the same why this problem appears.

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    It looks your system is facing problem with the DHCP. When you restart the system your laptop fails to get automatic ip configuration due to which the internet is disconnected. You have to check the router that dhcp is enabled or not. It will allow you to get a temporary ip address and then also the laptop can access the internet. You can try to add manual ip address in the laptop and then try to reconnect the same. The next thing you can do is try to update your wifi drivers and then check back. Do not forget to disable your firewall and uac also.

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    It is a dhcp problem in your system. I had faced that same. It is correct that putting the wifi settings on manual configuration will give you more option to deal with the problem. You must set the same manually and then check back the same. There one more thing you can do. Type msconfig and then run it. Go to the services tab in that ensure that the wifi service is activated or not. It must start at the boot and if it is not then you will keep on facing this kind of problem. Connectivity failure is the most common bug in Vista. You must ensure that your drivers are upto date and no security application is blocking it.

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