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Thread: "Wireless Networks Are Available", but my "Connect To" list is empty

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    "Wireless Networks Are Available", but my "Connect To" list is empty

    This is Sony Vaio SZ48 laptop running with Windows Vista Business. It’s a brand new laptop but don’t know for what reason, it is not able to detect any wifi connection. The small icon in the Task bar says “wireless networks are available” but it is not detecting any one of them. When I click that, the "connect to a network" window appears, but it says "Windows cannot find any additional networks".

    I can still manage to connect to my previous wifi connections that i have saved up and set them to automatically connect when they are available...but i can't detect/add new ones. Come to think of it, even my existing connections don't show up. Not even public wifi hotspots show up.

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    re: "Wireless Networks Are Available", but my "Connect To" list is empty

    Just make sure your laptops wireless switch is turned on. Some computers also use a function key combination to turn the switch on or off. Check the information that came with your computer for details on locating the wireless switch. There are many more reasons for the said problems. You should check out this Microsoft FAQ describing all those problems with solution.

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    Windows Vista Business and No Wireless Networks

    Hello Vincent;

    I am having a very similar problem with an Acer TravelMate 3260.

    Did you get this figured out, and if so can you give me some insight.

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    re: "Wireless Networks Are Available", but my "Connect To" list is empty

    I'm having the same problems also on my Aspire 5920. It only started happening since I took it out on travel. This is rather annoying as I need to use the internet often. If you find the problem please could you let me know


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    Re: "Wireless Networks Are Available", but my "Connect To" list is empty

    I have the same or simular problem. I am on an Acer 5920 runing Vista Home, and I can connect fine to my upstairs WIfi but whenever I travel I cannot contact available Wifi's that are open access. This is really frustrating as I am a student and try to work when I am away. Occasionally I can get the most incredibly slow and intermittent connection to an outside wifi, but even then it can take an hour to send one email! Any help please......

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