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Thread: Internet Connection Sharing between Windows Vista and Xbox Live

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    Internet Connection Sharing between Windows Vista and Xbox Live

    I am facing issue with internet connection sharing. I am able to work on the same. I am trying to share internet between Windows Vista and Xbox. But somehow I am not able to use the internet on Xbox. It is not at all detecting. There is a router in the house. I am having a Vista laptop which detects the network and I think it is working well. I had connected the Xbox to the Vista laptop and through that it is sharing internet. I need some help here to fix the problem and I hope there wil be some option that can really work. Also sometime Xbox is on visible in Vista network.

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    Check the connectivity between Xbox and the laptop. I think it is due to dns problem. There is one more way to share internet. If the wifi network is detected then you can manually add the ip address and then check back. The DHCP is having some issue due to which you are not able to access the internet. It may not be a complicated procedure. You can also find a working manual on the web that offer you connectivity options. Sometime the dhcp fails to work and provide configuration to the device on the lan and cause the error.

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