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Thread: Vista VPN connection error 800

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    Vista VPN connection error 800

    I had turned off my system firewall and still getting a Vpn connection error 800. I am not able to connect on my Vista system. I got the settings from the network guy. He said me follow the steps it is going to work well. I had tried to call my friends on this issue but they all are busy. One of my colleague is using the same setting and on his system he is not facing any issue. The only different between his and mine system is that I am using Vista and he is working on Windows XP.

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    Is there any security software installed in your system. Check the Firewall settings one more time. Turn it off. And then next thing you can do is disable your antivirus. The same error I had seen on a Vista system which was using OneCare. After turning its settings off there was no issue at all. I thought troubleshooting the same will not cause any major changes. There is a full guide on msdn based on vpn troubleshooting. You will need to find that and work on the same. I am sure you will get a appropriate working procedure for the same.

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    Hi All,

    I found myself having the same problem. I just uninstalled Win XP Pro and made a new clean install of windows Vista Ultimate.
    After configuring all the updates and personalizing Vista, i tried to set up a VPN connection to my office... It seems, like previously mentioned in earlier threads, that there is no network traffic going in or out, while attempting to make the connection.
    I haven't got Virtual PC installed on my laptop... Only office and some tools, no network tools.
    When i configured the VPN connection om my desktop computer at home, it gives no problems what so ever.... but on this laptop, can't get it working.
    Not home, not at the office, nowhere... :-)

    Does anybody has some more advice?


    Jason B.

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    I am running Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition. I have disabled my firewall and I am connecting to my wireless router. I keep getting an error 800 message. I also have a Windows XP desktop connecting with an ethernet connection to my router. I am able to successfully connect to the VPN with Windows XP. The VPN connection settings on XP and Vista are setup up the same. I read on other posts that there may be a port issue. I do not think this is the case for me because then my XP machine would not be able to connect to the VPN. I messed around with the settings, and I don't know what to do, please help! Thank you.

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    Thank you so much for the help. I ended up uninstalling the firewall I had and then reinstalling it, while it was uninstalled, I tested the VPN connection and it worked. I reinstalled the firewall and configured the firewall for the VPN connection. I thank you for your assistance.

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