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Thread: Wireless Network Continuously Dropping (Since Vista)

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    Wireless Network Continuously Dropping (Since Vista)

    I have recently installed Vista on my Dell laptop that has a Intel 3945ABG WiFi card. I also downloaded and installed all the latest drivers from dell site. So, for the first week I was not having a single dropped connection, but after that when I will be online for a few hours then the connections will start dropping constantly and this happens about every 5 minutes or so. Other times it will not reconnect at all for serveral minutes before finally coming back on. I have a linksys router and if anyone has any solution then please share it with me. Thanks.

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    Re: Wireless Network Continuously Dropping (Since Vista)

    Even I have got same issue with my Netgear router. I am loosing connection to the access point but when I am double checking with netgear I found out that the device discovery from vista messes with the router? In any case did you try to update the routers firmware and checked if that is working for you or not.

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    Re: Wireless Network Continuously Dropping (Since Vista)

    It seems to me that I am also having the same problem. I think that it is definitely the problem with the router but I didnt really put much thought about that.So, I went to their site and then downloaded the latest firmware and upgraded my router but then when I checked the box of this router then it indicated that it supports XP only.

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    Can you please tell us what is the model number of the router that you have and also what is the firmware version. Incase it is old then you will have to upgrade to the latest firmware. You need to also check the Event Logs by going into Start >> Right Click on my computer >> Manage >> Event Viewer >> Windows Logs >> System and check for any errors or warnings that may have occured when you get the disconnection.

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