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Thread: Windows Wireless Service

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    Windows Wireless Service

    I recently bought a HP laptop which came pre-installed with Windows Vista installed. It can connect with my home Wireless connection but when keeps losing the wireless connection in every 10 to 15 minutes. When I ran troubleshooting the same, it gave the following error:

    "The windows wireless service is not running on this computer".

    Well I went to services applet and started the service, rebooted the laptop and connected again. But unfortunately again the same thing. Wireless services stopped again itself. Any help please?

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    RE: Windows Wireless Service

    To me it seems the problem of Vista itself because I have a laptop dual booted with Windows XP and Vista. Until I work on XP, connection never breaks but as soon as I switch to Vista, it starts dropping the connection in every 2 minutes. System is running with wireless G network card and router. Any idea what is wrong?

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    Re: Windows Wireless Service

    If am not wrong, windows wireless service is associated with some more services like WLAN Autoconfig that nest to be enabled, then only it will work. So go to Start, right-click Computer, Manage; Services and scroll below in the services applet, find WLAN Autoconfig and set it to Automatic. Do the same with windows wireless service. Restart the laptop and see if it works fine.

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    Re: Windows Wireless Service

    Hello No. 4, I found few discussions describing the same problem with vista and they have few solutions too. I think you should check these threads, hope you will get some help:
    Windows Wireless Service Not Running
    How to enable wireless service under vista?

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