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Thread: No network connection error on windows Vista

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    No network connection error on windows Vista

    My internet was working well for some couple of days. I am using a Vista system. There are two Windows XP computers also on the network. Both are still working fine. After a few time the computer failed to receive any active connection from the modem. I am here talking about the Vista one. The machine has no changes but somehow the connectivity failed instantly. I tried to plug and unplug the router cable but still the problem remains intact. I am not able to figure out the issue behind that. It is a bit shocking to find that suddenly the settings was lost which was quiet working well before. I am bit annoyed with the same. Is there a way to fix the same. Thanks.

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    Change the cable. I think the problem might lies with the cable connectivity. You must use a new one and then check back. Change the cable and reset the router completely. There is a small reset button on the backside. You can hit that with a pin and hold it for some seconds. Once it is done old router settings will be restored. Later on run the setup wizard and then check back. It is necessary that you run the settings from scratch. The router setup offers you to pull all the settings and done. It will work fine.

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    I am getting the same kind of problem with a Compaq desktop. It is also having Windows Vista in it. I thought the problem was with the connectivity but the router was working well. The net suddenly stopped working. I am not able to find the reason behind it. But it looks the system has some problem with its nic. Sometime the network appear and sometime it does not. It has become a bit complicated to use the same. Later on I bought a lan card and connected that to the system and it started working. There is no issue at all. It is working quiet well. I am sure there will not be no problem related to that.

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    re: No network connection error on windows Vista

    To properly connect Vista to a router for internet browsing, LOGIN to your router, go to WIRELESS setup, under SECURITY change AUTHENTICATION TYPE to WPA-PSK (TKIP). Problem is that Vista and 7 use a different authentication protocol to connect to your router than XP. In the past WEP was used to connect XP machines, but now Microsoft requires WPA-PSK (TKIP) to connect your Vista or 7 OS, therefore you may get interne on one machine but the newer one does not get it, mind you, make sure to also change your older machine's authentication to WPA-PSK (TKIP). Manufacturers should have considered that there would be different OS machines connected to the same old routers!

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