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Thread: Internet Connection Sharing between Vista and Ubuntu.

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    Internet Connection Sharing between Vista and Ubuntu.

    I need some help to share internet connection between Windows Vista and Ubuntu. I had enabled internet connection sharing on Windows Vista and on Ubuntu I am not able to access the same. I had connected the system to the network but somehow Ubuntu fails to find a proper connectivity. The Vista system is a 64bit OS and Ubuntu is 32bit. So I hope there will be no issue with the internet sharing among them. I am getting issue while connecting the same. Is there any possible way to deal with the problem. Thanks.

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    How you are sharing the internet. Is it connected to the vista system on or on the switch directly. The best thing to share internet is to connect the ubuntu laptop on the router or to the modem. And then managing the settings. A number of time the ubuntu laptop itself accepts the connection and it works well. There is no problem with the connectivity. File sharing is also very easy between Vista and Ubuntu. It is necessary that you must install samba in your system for enabling shared resources of Windows System.

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