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Thread: Router disconnects after every 40 minutes on Vista system

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    Router disconnects after every 40 minutes on Vista system

    There is a new router connected to my system. It was working well but somehow it faced a new kind of issue. The router disconnect at a gap of every 40 minutes and then went back to normal. I checked the power cable and other settings also. All of them looks well but this thing is a bit annoying. The router just keeps on disconnecting on its own. Sometime the connection drop is in gap of 10 minutes. I found about the problem when I was playing a online game. I am using Vista. The game just looses connection and then I have to reconnect it. I am using a Linksys Wifi router and not able to understand the issue. Anyone has idea on it.

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    There is some kind of timeout settings in your router due to which you are getting the issue. You must check the router settings and verify each of them. I the router settings there is a option by which you can enable the connectivity timeout. In mine I had configured that on Always On and it works well. I am using Windows XP. To verify that your internet connection is constant or not you can run ping (anywebsitename) -t and hit enter. If there is a request timeout error in between then better contact your isp for the information on the same. I am sure the problem would be resolved from his end.

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    Change your router or modem. The problem lies with that. I am sure changing any of those hardware will give you more stable connectivity. You can start from updating the nic drivers and then going ahead with replacing the connectivity cable. Then you can change the router if the fault continuous. I too think the problem lies with timeout settings due to which you get this kind of bugs. There must be some recommended settings which are required manual configuration. It just does not work on automatic setup. I think this is some kind of hardware failure and there is no issue with other connectivity problems.

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    I am getting that problem on Windows Vista 64bit. I am not able to figure out why the connection disconnects in between. The problem lies with the laptop. Atleast you are lucky to get a constant connectivity of 40 minutes. My connection drops after every 10 minutes. I am very annoyed with that. I had later on contacted the ISP and the problem was from their end. He changed the modem and things were resolved. So there can be issue with the modem itself. You must also try to change that. It is better if you can find a substitute modem for that just for testing purpose.

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