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Thread: Set-up internet connection (No PPPoE) in Vista?

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    Set-up internet connection (No PPPoE) in Vista?

    Until yesterday I was using Windows Xp with broadband connection without PPPoE which comes through Zyxel 2602 ADSL modem/router. Today I upgraded the system to Windows Vista Home Premium. There was no problem during the upgrade process but issue now am facing is when I go to setup internet connection; I can only see the option “PPPoE” whereas my ISP doesn’t supports PPPoE.

    I don’t know how else I can setup internet on this computer. While troubleshooting Vista said that there is a problem with my Zyxel. Somebody suggested me to upgrade the routers driver, I did the same but still the same problem. I request you guys to please let me know how can I set-up a trivial internet connection in Vista? Thank you very much.

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    Re: Set-up internet connection (No PPPoE) in Vista?

    Your configuration and situation seems exactly like mine. I was also facing this problem couple of weeks ago. After spending few hours on internet finally I managed to fix the problem. Here is what I did, hope it helps you as well. I downloaded two drivers for the 3com gigabit LOM 3c940 on my C drive. Open Device manager and updated the drivers by right clicking the device and “update driver” option. Later rebooted my Zyxel 2602 router which made Vista to make the connection automatically.

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    Re: Set-up internet connection (No PPPoE) in Vista?

    Hello Aapep, as far as I know, PPPOE settings and configuration is actually done in your router if you are using any Modem/Router. Am I right? Just try connecting any other laptop to your router and see if it is able to connect to internet.

    If you had already did the settings in your router during XP, then internet is already working in the router. Just pull a cable to your Vista or connect it wirelessly and see if you are able to open any web page. You just don’t need to configure the PPPoE settings on your PC.

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