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Thread: Windows Live pop3 settings?

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    Windows Live pop3 settings?

    I have created a new email address with Windows Live (Hotmail account), as my previous email provider is getting shutdown. Usually before I was more comfortable using Windows Vista Mail but I am unable to find POP3 settings for Windows Live Mail account, Can you please provide a link for the same ?

    Even I use filter/rules, Even I am using Live messenger as well, its as good as windows vista mail.

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    Re: Windows Live pop3 settings?

    You need to use Windows Live Mail, its works good with Windows Live Messenger and Live Mail as well. You can download Windows Live Mail from the below URL.

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    Re: Windows Live pop3 settings?

    Well your Windows Live account is not going to work with your Windows Mail. You need Windows Live Mail, which will connect to your Live Mail account in addition it will work with any accounts of Windows Mail.

    Even your hotmail account will ask you to have a Windows Live Account, but its not require. Windows Live Program its pack of family program, not just one program in it. If you want more information on windows mail you ll get faster response microsoft site.

    Well many people doesn't get agree whether windows live mail is better or worse than windows mail, microsoft is continuously adding more efforts to improve Windows Live Mail.

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    Re: Windows Live pop3 settings?

    I am really very happy to you use my Windows Vista Mail, Can you please tell me what is stopping you ?

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    Re: Windows Live pop3 settings?

    Well to configure Windows Live Mail you don't require any settings. Just provide your Windows Live Mail ID address, it will automatically configure for you. Many people on the web who have tried Windows Live Mail and Windows Mail, they are more satisfied with WLM.

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