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Thread: Importing -Outlook Express old emails (DBX) to windows Mail

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    Importing -Outlook Express old emails (DBX) to windows Mail

    As my title says, I’m facing problems with importing data from Outlook Express 6 (Xp) Windows Mail (Vista). I took backup of everything from OE6 and moved them to a folder on Vista. I was able to backup my all emails which were saved in DBX file easily to windows mail, but what about my email accounts. There are total 15 accounts which I had in OE6 and want to import in Windows Mail.

    Whenever I open Windows Mail and click on Tools > Accounts > Import. This opens a pop up saying "Import Internet Account". But when I go to the location where my accounts are saved and select iaf file, it gives me an error message saying “The import did not complete because an error occurred."

    This is very irritating. I have tried various times but always getting the same error message. Also it will be very frustrating to configure all 15 accounts again manually. Can you guys please provide me any working solution for the same? Thanks in advance.

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    RE: Importing -Outlook Express old emails (DBX) to windows Mail

    Just try out doing this and see if it helps. Hope you have everything yet in your outlook Express. If yes, right click you every email account one by one, go to their properties and click Server Tab. Here just uncheck the box "Remember password" and save. Do this for all accounts. Once one, create a new backup of accounts and try importing the same in Windows Mail. This has worked for one of my friends who was facing the same problem.

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    You guys are lucky as your old systems are still working. My older PC’s motherboard is dead and stopped completely. So I removed the old HDD and connected to my new Vista running Desktop. Anyhow was able to pull the data using Vista's File Transfer Wizard. As far as Outlook Express is concerned I can locate my Old .dbx files on the old HDD but not the actually ones. So am unable to get the imported in Windows mail.

    If you guys have any idea about any tool or any way we can convert OE’s dbx files into Windows mail .eml format? Please help.

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