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Thread: messages stuck in outbox

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    messages stuck in outbox

    I am using Windows Vista on my computer and just 2-3 hours before if I am trying to send messages from the Windows mail then it wont go and will stay in the outbox? I am not able to move, delete or view some of them. What ever new messages that I write will stay in the outbox. I have also checked that the antivirus isnt scanning the outgoing emails and I dont have mcafee or norton installed on my machine. Can anybody help. Thank you

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    Do you get any error mesasges as well that you can tell us? If there are some error codes that you are getting then you can simply post it here and we will find a solution for it. Other than this you can try to install the KB941090 Microsoft Update and see if that can fix the issue for you or not. By the way which antivirus are you using, you have not said about that?

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    The first step that you should take to resolve this problem is to download and install the following update for Windows Vista. After you apply the update, you should be able to delete the messages that are stuck in the Outbox. Download the 941090 package from here. After that you can also try to rebuild the message store. By rebuilding the message store, only messages that have no errors can be loaded and the messages that have errors should be deleted. For more information visit this website -

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