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Thread: How to get rid of HTTP error 400 bad request (invalid verb)

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    How to get rid of HTTP error 400 bad request (invalid verb)

    Does anyone is aware about this HTTP error 400 bad request. I am getting this constantly on my system. Whenever I try to open any website I am getting this error on my screen. I tried to check my internet connection which looks to be working fine. I am getting this error only on some website. Some of them are university websites.

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    First thing to check is the url that you are trying to access is complete and proper. Because invalid or incomplete url can also be the cause of this issue. There can be number of reasons behnd that. Try to run System Restore. It will restore some old settings which might fix the problem. There are two helpful links below that will help you to deal with the problem.

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    Re: How to get rid of HTTP error 400 bad request (invalid verb)

    In the URL try to check for some errors. You get the 400 bad request error mostly because the url typed was wrong or the link that was clicked on goes to a url with some type of mistake in it. This error can also happen if there is some problem with the websites server where you are trying to access. You can try to contact the webmaster and inform them about the error message that you are getting.

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    Re: How to get rid of HTTP error 400 bad request (invalid verb)

    Have you tried clearing the web browsers cookie that you are using since the error that you are getting mostly happens due to corrupted cookies. Just try to clear the cache and cookies from websites that cause problems and see if that works. If you are using Firfox, then go to Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Cached Web Content: "Clear Now" and also Remove Cookies from sites that are causing problems.

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