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Thread: Borland Database Engine Stopping Microsoft Outlook from Working

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    Borland Database Engine Stopping Microsoft Outlook from Working

    I am using a Windows Vista laptop. I am using Microsoft Outlook on the same. I had installed Office 2007 and Core 9. The setup failed with Borland Database Engine Could not be installed. I tried to re-install all stuff back again but still the same error. What does the error means. About which database it is talking about. I do not have any on my system. It is a new computer with some applications only.

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    This problem can be fixed by getting rid of extend.dat file. You must find that and remove it. You can run a search process in Windows. Go to Control Panel and first remove office properly. Then only try to run the setup.

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    I have the same problem collins had, that is : I get the error message "Borland Database Engine not installed. Can't Load Address Book." and then Outlook will close on its own. I have uninstalled the Wordperfect9 program but still get this error message and hence cannot use the OUtlook. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Microsoft office 2007 but the problem is still there. What can I do to solve this problem. In addition, I have deleted extend.dat, but that did not clear up the problem. I don't know how to create a new Outlook Profile if I can't get into Outlook. Can anyone help? Thanks, Art
    Setting up a new profile worked. Instructions can be found at:

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    I also am having the corel database problem of crashing Outlook. There is no extend.dat file on the HD. I have the "How to creat and configure an e-mail profile ..." article from MS. Unfortunately, I am using Windows 7 and there is no "mail" category in control panel. I also downloaded the corel database application in the past, so it is on the HD. I also have Wordperfect 8 on my computer and it works. The problem originally occurred when I was using Vista Home Premium. For what it is worth, Thunderbird also does not work and that started before upgrading to 7 to Thunderbird 3.5.6. Of course the latter problem probably is unrelated to the Outlook problem. It just means no mail sever will work now. My reading of the posts indicates that the thread concerns people who have a specific type of problem with Outlook on Vista. My problem was with that specific Outlook problem on Vista. The fact it continues with W7 suggests it is not Vista specific. Judging from the 2 yr. old posts, it probably is not 64 bit specific. Maybe if I knew how to create a new profile in W7 it would help. Doing so seems to be a work around, however, and not address the problem cause.

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    I found a article which describe on installing BDE. I think that can fix the issue. For that you will need to locate bdeinst.dll file. There is a file which consist the dll file in it. You can download that from web. You have to put the file in Program Files\Common Files\Borland Shared. Try to do that and run the setup again. If still the problem persist run Windows Update and check one more time. I am sure you will get fix for that.

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