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Thread: Unsent messages in outbox

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    Unsent messages in outbox

    Hello, I’m using Windows mail with 8 of my POP3 accounts. I started using this a month ago and was working fine (I had few issues meanwhile but that’s ok). Now the problem am facing is there is a message stuck in outbox and not allowing me to delete it. And due to that am not able to send any new messages. Every time I keep getting an error message regarding the POP3. Any idea what could be wrong?

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    RE: Unsent messages in outbox

    I have been through this problem in past. After searching the web for about two hours I finally I got through this Microsoft Article: Messages may be stuck in the Outbox when you use Windows Mail on a computer that is running Windows Vista

    There are many steps provided as well as an update is attached. See which one of them helps you.

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    Re: Unsent messages in outbox

    I don’t know if that update file helps or not, when I was struggling with the same problem and noting worked, I simply download Windows Live mail and imported everything from Windows Mail. It has been long time using WLM now and never had any problem. You should better quit WM.

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