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Thread: "Windows Mail can compact the message store"

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    "Windows Mail can compact the message store"

    I am using Windows Vista on my computer for a couple of months now and yesterday all of a sudden I am getting a message continuously when I am closing the Windows Mail that says "Windows Mail can compact the message store. This can take a few minutes" and then asks to click ok or cancel. Can anyone tell me why is this happening?

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    Unless you will not setup a mail account in Windows Mail and not microsoft mail then it wont download a single message. Therefore you will have to figure out what exactly you are doing which is causing Windows Mail not to run properly. Have you tried to set it to "not available" and checked if that works? For doing the same you can open the default programs option and then click on "Set program access and computer defaults" and after that expand the custom selection and remove the tick mark for "Enable access to this program" which will be opposite to Windows Mail. After that you have to click the radio button in front of Microsoft Outlook and then click OK. If everything will be done perfectly, then you will not face this problem again.

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    I don't use Windows Mail and I recently got this message. BUT if I click an email link on certain web pages then Windows Mail auto opens. I've had my PC for a few years and this is the first message I rec'd. Guess I reached my 100 open/close emails.

    I've never composed an email through Windows Mail. I should figure out how to put AOL as my default mail server.

    Now at least I know why I'm getting that message.

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    Re: "Windows Mail can compact the message store"

    Just tried the above process given by The Recruiter, I was unable to uncheck "Windows Mail Email Message". I did see the two other choices, and was able to check and uncheck those boxes.

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