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Thread: All Unread Messages are loaded into Inbox As Read

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    All Unread Messages are loaded into Inbox As Read

    I am running Windows Vista on my computer and also using Windows Mail on it. Aol is the mail account which I have comfigured in the WinMail and am using it as a IMAP server. I am able to receive and send mails without any problems but it is just that the email coming into the inbox are not bold and therefore it is hard to know whether it is read to unread. Previously this was not happening, but all of a sudden this problem started. Is there anyone who could solve this problem.

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    Have you check at the AOL online mailbox to see if the messages are still showing as unread before downloading them to your Windows Mail? In any case, you can try to set up a mail rule by marking all mail as read or it might be possible that someone else is accessing your only AOL account with password and username? Also, incase if you have Mcafee and Norton antivirus installed on your computer then remove it, because there is some conflicts with this antivirus and Windows Mail. You can even try to do a system restore to a previous time when everything was working properly and see if that helps.

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    Re: All Unread Messages are loaded into Inbox As Read

    I have the same issue when I access my AOL 9.6 acct via a desktop icon, which I've been doing for years. My PC has Windows XP. My email comes in with bold type and then it somehow loses the bold. The status says "read" when I haven't. And, yes, it is annoying. I have found that if I hover over the "read" icon in the upper left corner, I will see exactly which emails are technically unread, and from there I can click on that email. I miss the old days of having a "read" and "unread" tab in the mailbox! I do not like the format of AOL when accessed thru Explorer, but at least there I have the option of "unread only" and see the bold type. My other newer issue is practically every single email I get goes straight to Spam when it never did before - even emails from people in my address book having AOL addresses are considered Spam. I turn on AOL and will see 5 emails and 105 Spam emails. I imagine none of this can be fixed, and we just have to live with it.

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