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Thread: Windows Mail Send/Receive Error in Vista Home Premium

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    Windows Mail Send/Receive Error in Vista Home Premium

    Windows Mail used to work fine then one day when I tried to do a send/receive then it promptly worked but again when I repeated the same then I got an error message with yellow triangle box with a message saying that "Some errors occurred while processing the requested tasks. Please review the list of errors below for more details." Can anone tell me how do I fix this problem?

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    Can you try to click on Tools >> Options >> Security >> Digital IDs. After that go to the Personal tab and under that you may see the digital id. You need to then highlight it and the click on the remove button. After that simply restart the Windows Mail and see if the problem is gone or not. Also if you have any antivirus installed then check if it is not set to think that Windows Mail is a sort virus-like program and incase if it is so then immediately deselect that tag for this program. Hope this helps.

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    Even I was facing this similar kind of issue on my computer and I was also not having any preinstalled antivirus software installed on my machine. So immense searching I finally found out the problem that was related to duplicated settings in the News accounts. After when I deleted this news accounts the send and receive has been working flawlessly.

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    Re: Windows Mail Send/Receive Error in Vista Home Premium

    I had the same problem with duplicate News Accounts. I could not believe that would cause the problem but it did and problem is now fixed. Thanks Heaps

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