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Thread: Address Bar - XP SP3

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    Address Bar - XP SP3

    Having become accustomed to relying upon the address bar as a repository for
    frequently accessed websites - kinda neat because additioinal sites appear
    in new tabs, it has disappeared completely, even from the toolbar list!
    This after loading XP SP3.

    Is there a possibility of getting it back? I have done a search for the
    folder, and there is nothing there.

    Geeky42 (Jimmy-Rhea Luper)

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    Vincenzo Di Russo [MVP] Guest
    "The Address toolbar no longer appears on the taskbar after you install
    Windows XP Service Pack 3".

    This should help

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    Geeky42 Guest

    Re: Address Bar - XP SP3

    Thank you both for your prompt & effective replies!

    I replaced the ui dll in the win/sys32 folder & am back to using the address bar as originally intended.

    Remember to study daily!

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    Re: Address Bar - XP SP3

    You can use 'Cool Address Bar' ,This software can solve this problem.

    What is Cool Address Bar?
    1.Replace the Address bar on Taskbar.
    2.Enter keywords , direct Google search.
    3.Enter formula then direct get result.
    4.Any where, CTRL + C twice, direct search.
    5.Can delete useless item in open history.
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    Re: Address Bar - XP SP3

    I went to this url, did what I was told by the kb article and I now have my addressbar toolbar back. It did not dissappear again after I restarted my computer as I`ve read has happened to some. If the addressbar toolbar has dissappeared purely as a result of the sp3 installation, you will not get either of the two the error messages indicated in this article.
    I have followed the other links posted in these forum replies and finally found that this one gives the actual step by step process.

    Happily living with sp3

    Here`s the link

    Be sure you do exactly as it says or it will not work.
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