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Thread: How do I fix Error number: 0x80070005

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    alfred njeru Guest

    How do I fix Error number: 0x80070005

    On the taskbar of my computer, a message pops that updates are ready for your
    computer, click here to install these updates. When I click, choose Express
    Install and click the install button, after about one minute, the following
    message pops up: "Some updates could not be installed"
    When I click the link to windows update web site on the automatic updates
    tab under the systaem properties of my computer, it takes me to and I
    click install now. Downloading goes on upto 100% in less than a minute. But
    the following error message appears: Error number: 0x80070005 The website has
    encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view. The
    options provided below might help you solve the problem.
    Facts. I'm logged in as administrator.

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    Jason Guest

    Re: How do I fix Error number: 0x80070005

    I am receiving the same error message. Every time I start my computer
    Windows update finds an update file for my HP w1907 monitor and calls it an
    "important update". But when it attempts to install it fails and gives this
    error WindowsUpdate_80070005 WindowsUpdate_dt000.

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    Computer Nerd Guest

    Re: How do I fix Error number: 0x80070005

    I had the same problem what you can do is manually install it, and thats what
    i did. all you have to do is go into c drive > Windows > Software
    Distribution > Download. and than double click on it and install it manually,
    than run auto update again and it will detect it already installed, and u
    should no have further problems.. hope this helps -albert

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    AHP Guest
    I had the same bizarre problem and spent 3 full days on the phone with HP Tech
    support (or lack thereof) with very little help and plenty of frustration.

    I finally figured out a solution on my own:
    Uninstall the "My HP Display" program.
    In device manager, replace your existing monitor HP w1907 driver with the
    Windows Generic PNP Monitor. Then Uninstall your video card drivers (in my
    Now reboot your computer.
    When it returns, Windows (Vista) will prompt you to reinstall your video
    drivers. Allow Windows to automatically search for and find the correct
    drivers to install. After installation is complete, your monitor and video
    drivers will be correct again. You may also get a notice to update your
    Nvidia drivers from Windows Update. It is OK to do so (worked for me).
    Now try to play a copy-protected DVD... it WORKS !!
    Also, after the reinstall, I am no longer "nagged" to update my HP w1907
    driver. I hope this helps you !! :-)

    I have several files in this folder, which one do I need to double click on.

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    Moses Hull Guest
    I have to reset the perminission on the file

    SYSTEM full control
    Administrator - full control
    TrustedInstall - full confrol

    I will receiving in the C:\windows\SoftwareDistribution\ReportingEvents.log
    the message
    {61CA813A-7585-442E-A66B-B0D15CE6BDC0} 1 80070005 SelfUpdate Failure

    The service "Windows Modules Installer" was not starting because of the
    permissions issues
    It doesn't want to download the file, it just wants to open it. However, it
    won't open with any of my choices. There has to be something I am doing wrong here.

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    Mimi_99 Guest
    After days of searching for this solution on MS vista and solved
    my problem! Thank you for helping me out. I have a brand new system
    purchased 3/25/2008 ALL HP products monitor HP w2207h. I'm about to return
    this whole system, will keep you informed.

    ALL I want when I purchase a product is: IT ALL WORKS

    What if I have a Toshiba and I'm experiencing the same problem? Any

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    TaurArian Guest

    Re: How do I fix Error number: 0x80070005

    Suggest you start yor own thread and outline your problem clearly etc
    You may also wish to advise what OS you're using as well.

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    Dec 2010

    Re: How do I fix Error number: 0x80070005

    I faced the same problem with my Windows XP system and then one of my friend suggested me to have a look on It seriously worked out and helped me to fix this error.


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