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Thread: WSUS 3.0 updates failed to download.

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    V.V.Singh Guest

    WSUS 3.0 updates failed to download.


    I am successfully installed the WSUS 3.0 with the help of Microsoft WSUS 3.0
    deployment guide. WSUS is installed in Win2003 server (Standalone Server).
    Through group policy Client system updates are configured. WSUS Management
    console I am able to see all the client computers in the network,

    The problem I am facing is Critical updates and Security updates are not
    fully downloaded, I am getting this error “ The files for the update failed
    to download. The update can be approved but will not be available to
    computers until the download is complete. Click Retry Download to start the
    download again.” Synchronization is configured as everyday 5.00 AM, If I am
    trying to synchronize manually It is happening. Can any one help in this to
    solve this issue

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    MowGreen [MVP] Guest

    Re: WSUS 3.0 updates failed to download.

    You'd be better off posting this issue here:

    WSUS Newsgroup

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    Re: WSUS 3.0 updates failed to download.

    Can you tell us the account that is used to start the Update Services? Have you configured the Update Service to start with NT AUTHORITY or NetworkService account. To do the same open Services.msc and then go to Update Services. Go to th Log On tab and then change <Account_Name> to NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService. First stop and then restart the Update Services and try to sync again.

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    Re: WSUS 3.0 updates failed to download.

    Have you made sure that the NetworkService is full control to the whole WSUS content tree. Are you using any firewall or proxy to access the internet? You can try to refer to the ms article on "Error message when you try to download a file by using the Background" by following this link -

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